Percutalfa - Anti Stretch Marks

Percutalfa is a body emulsion that promotes prevention and regression of stretch marks. It has an innovative formula, without preservatives, that combines fruit acids and fatty acids. Helps preserve the softness and elasticity of the skin, encouraging the prevention of stretch marks. But also favors renewing the corneal layer (superficial) and tones up the skin, contributes to reducing existing stretch marks. Is little greasy and easily penetrates into the skin.

Is advised:
  • during puberty,

  • during pregnancy,

  • in situations of great weight variation.

Posology :
Apply morning and evening, on circular massage on the skin clean and dry, until complete absorption. Can be applied
  • Bras,

  • in the womb,

  • thighs,

  • and dimpling.
Apply for 6-8 weeks.
In pregnancy, from the 4th month, until the 2nd month after childbirth. Should not be applied in breast while breastfeeding.

Capacity :  200 ml

Country of Origin : France
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